– ProThOS

ProThOS: Programmable Taskflow Oriented Operating System

ProThOS is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through a directive for funding for “basic research for HPC software in high-performance computing”. Parallelization in the exascale era is a major challenge not only from the perspective of a programming model but also to the execution environment: data dependencies are not recognized correctly, the execution overhead is too large, heterogeneity can not be used, etc. Efforts to address this issue in a smart intermediate layer fail due to the incurred overhead. ProThOS therefore brings programming and execution closer together and bases the data-flow-oriented programming language closely on the execution environment as well as the language constructs to the operating system. The language model remains C/C++ oriented and it will be shown that these principles can be mapped in an efficient way to heterogeneous infrastructures. By integration into the operating system, the execution overhead is drastically reduced. The DFKI researches and develops in ProThOS mainly the programming of such systems and investigates this on the basis of ray tracing and stencil pipelines.

Project website: https://manythreads.github.io/prothos