OSMOsis applications for the Sensing Enterprise (OSMOSE)

The OSMOSE project developed a reference architecture, a middleware and some prototypal applications for the Sensing-Liquid Enterprise, by interconnecting Real (RW), Digital (DW) and Virtual Worlds (VW) in the same way a semi-permeable membrane permits the flow of liquid particles through itself.

In concrete terms, the OSMOSE project designed and developed:

  1. a Reference Architecture for modelling and managing shadow images of the same Sensing-Liquid Enterprise in the three interconnected worlds regarding both immaterial and material liquid flows under flexible security and privacy capability rules. A Triple A architecture is proposed where Actors (RW) Agents (DW) Avatars (VW), representing humans and smart objects, interact and negotiate;
  2. an Event-driven and Service-oriented Osmiotic Middleware (osmosis semi-permeable membranes) to constantly and automatically keep background consistency between the three worlds through the implementation of three pairs of basic processes: i) Virtualization RW-VW; ii) Augmentation VW-RW; iii) Digitalization RW-DW; iv) Actuation DW-RW; v) Simulation DW-VW;  vi) Enrichment VW-DW;
  3. a Liquid Stargate which allows human users to browse the relevant real-digital-virtual assets in an integrated multi world representation view, to configure the behaviour of their human RW Actors- DW Agents- VW Avatars and to support knowledge sharing and experiences / emotions exchange, by crossing seamlessly the three worlds’ gates;
  4. an innovative “Sensing-Liquid Maintenance & Support” application in the Aerospace Domain concerned with helicopters’ flight simulators operation (Agusta Westland pilot);
  5. an innovative “Sensing-Liquid Quality Inspection & Control” application in the Automotive Domain concerned with camshafts supply and production traceability (EPC pilot).

Project Leader: Dr. Klaus Fischer
Homepage: http://www.osmose-project.eu/