IMCL – Iterative Methods for Computed Laminography

Standard 3D Computed Tomography (3D-CT) is an established technique both in medicine and non-destructive industrial testing. However, some very important and safety-critical objects, like airplane wings, printed circuit boards or fiber-reinforced lighweight construction structures cannot be appropriately examined using 3D-CT.

Geometry of the CLARA Laminography device. Image from [1].

We are building a novel pipeline based on Computed Laminography(CL) to allow for a robust and reliable non-destructive testing of these objects, drawing on the excellence of our team in industrial engineering, mathematical algorithm development and highly-efficient parallel software implementations.

Laminographic reconstruction using different reconstruction settings. Image from [1].

[1] P. Trampert et al., Spherically symmetric volume elements as basis functions for image reconstructions in computed laminography, J. Xray. Sci. Technol. Preprint (2017) 1–14.