Guided Buildings


Since March 2016 the research department of Agents an Simulated Reality together with the Innovative Retail Lab and partners from other research institutions and from industry is developing intelligent added value services in the field of building automation.

Building automation is an industry in transition. In addition to the fieldbus solutions that have been in existence for many years, new and cheaper automation solutions are constantly being added. The resulting increase in the number of fully or partially automated buildings creates an interesting market for new intelligent value-added services for building automation. In this context, the joint project Guided AL is investigating innovative, flexible solutions in the context of smart residential and functional buildings. The research focus is on the design and development an Autonomous Locations Service Platform, on which – taking into account existing and new automation solutions – cross-building, intelligent services (so-called Smart Services) are to be created and offered. The implementation in the project takes place prototypically on the basis of application scenarios for living, working, shopping and health. The project is a joint project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the technology competition “Smart Service World – Internet-based services for the economy”.

Guided Team
Guided Team

In Guided AL, partners from science and industry work closely together to create the professional and technical conditions for the development of a new market for intelligent value-added services in the field of building automation. The DFKI covers the scientific side in cooperation with the Institute for Communication Technology at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. Scheer GmbH as consortium leader and Hager Electro GmbH & Co. KG and banbutsu GmbH complete the consortium as further core partners.

The research department ASR is responsible for the sub-project Autonomous Locations Software Platform and focuses on the following tasks:

  • conception and construction of a software-defined platform for application in the field of building automation
  • concepts for the integration of security mechanisms into the software-defined platform and implementation of a public key infrastructure
  • installation and operation of application scenarios in the work and shopping environment (in cooperation with IRL)