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The team Agents  investigates these concepts in real-world (commercial) applications as well as in virtual environments. It concentrates on agent-based modelling and software development as well as on specific technologies for the design of agent behaviour. More recently a stronger focus was set on motion modelling and synthesis for agent design in 3D simulations. In this context learning techniques with statistical models and neuronal networks (deep learning) are investigated. Continue reading Agents


Morphable Graph [1] is a generative, graph-based approach for data-driven motion modeling and synthesis. Motion capture data is represented by a directed graph and motion synthesis tasks are converted to graph searching problem.

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INTERACT – Interactive Manual Assembly Operations for the Human-Centered Workplaces of the Future

In order to be competitive in a global scale, European factories should be operated by a highly skilled workforce supported by advanced automation and IT tools. The European research project INTERACT aims to utilize workers’ knowledge on executing manual assembly tasks and include it in the digital tools used to support design, verification, validation, modification and continuous improvement of human-centred, flexible assembly workplaces.

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